Garage-GPS Company provides its own multi-function framework for satellite monitoring in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. On the basis of the monitoring system you can monitor objects online, may indicate any number of POI, create Geozones and receive required notices from the system.

Online object monitoring.

You can monitor objects online. Each motor vehicle is marked on the chart with its individual icon which allows real-time following the vehicle. You may cluster the objects in groups for your convenience.

At pointing to the icon, a bubble help with detailed information on the object comes up showing amongst other things driving speed, sensor data etc. If necessary a hand showing driving direction or an icon which changes its color when any of sensor data is altered may be used instead of a small picture.

My locations or POI.

You may also indicate points that are of interest to you which are called POI. You may apply any number of such points in the system. You may define their radius which is quite relevant upon marking large objects (plants, warehouses, motor depots) and use the data in reports. When mouseovered, a pop-up window with further details on POI comes up.


Geozones is a popular tool for monitoring of transportation attendance of any objects on the chart. You may design such in a form of lines, a circle or a polygon. If necessary users receive a notice on entry or exit from Geozone in a way convenient for them: through a pop-up window, SMS or e-mail.


By means of the system you may also receive any notices on transportation idle periods, speeding, pressing an alarm button, sensor data alteration, loss of connection with an object or arrival at reference point of guided path.

Routes control.

You may track the objects in the path with checkpoints. The system allows defining initial, terminal and intermediate points each of which provides for its own arrival and departure time (if necessary with margin of speed).

Reports are created based upon editable patterns. Thanks to this, each user may create a reporting form that would best meet his/her own needs. Each report may contain any number of tables and charts; their content is guided by the user himself/herself.

A user may regularly receive reports from satellite monitoring system without authentification in the system. For that a requisite task shall be set. Only after this the system can automatically send a required report to your e-mail as scheduled.

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