Advantages for your business:

  1. You get total control of all the business processes.

    You will be able to track every driver:
    • condition of his transport;
    • routes, violations of driving regulations;
    • unauthorized routes, fuel draining;
    • travel time and engine work.
  2. You possess information.

    In cases of unjustified downtime of transportation means, absence or inactivity of employees at working time, violations and cheating (fuel draining, adjustment of odometer, collusions with filling stations) you receive reports about everything. Even if you are not in the office, you are aware of all the actions remotely, anywhere in the world. All the reports and notifications are sent straight to your mobile phone or notebook.
  3. Costs for fuel, repair/procurement of spare parts and maintenance of car fleet will be reduced dramatically.

    Analysis of reports helps to identify non-effective use of car fleet, eliminate "freeloaders" and cheater in a company. You save more than 20% of initial costs for fuel and other expenditures.
  4. Monitoring reports help to identify hidden reserves.

    Costs for maintenance of car fleet decrease and in a couple of months satellite monitoring system repays itself. It opens for you far-reaching opportunities to increase company's productivity.
  5. You can optimize routes and shorten delivery time.

    Garage GPS applies analytic system that allows easy identification of the best routes for each vehicle. All this is true due to number of reports and unique monitoring algorithm. Such optimization of routes will shorten delivery time of cargoes. You will reduce costs and increase loyalty of your Clients.
  6. Increase KPI of company employees.

    Being aware of installed monitoring system your employees would not be interested in cheating, freeloading at the cost of company or lie to you. Moreover, by appreciating good employees you will motivate others.


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