Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is one of the key sectors of economy in Kazakhstan. Large farmstead management is a great challenge and requires big monetary funds and profound skills. Sizeable equipment fleet and vast fields need constant monitoring and control. With the help of satellite monitoring system you can improve the work of agricultural vehicles and reduce your costs substantially.

Your benefits:

  • agricultural vehicles movement monitoring;
  • fuel flow monitor;
  • attachment implement, trailing equipment and units' performance control;
  • specialty vehicles' performance control (fuel-servicing trucks, towing vehicles etc.);
  • field parameters' calculation - area, perimeter;
  • fields' database creation;
  • improvement of field logistics - calculation of field-to-field crossroads and a distance between map objects;
  • field status data - crop year, cultivated crop, crop yield etc.;
    history maintenance of all farming operations carried out in each field; reporting (in electronic format and hardcopy) at user's request.

"Garage-GPS" Company is also an exclusive partner of "AGROSHTURMAN" Company in Kazakhstan. We offer effective solutions for field forks and farmlands. These solutions are unique for the farming industry in Kazakhstan.

Navigation for farming industry.

Navigation equipment for agriculture is a new parallel driving system EZ-Guide® 250 where color course detector replaced a monochromatic course detector EZ-Guide® Plus.

Your benefits:

  • reduction of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel and lubricant cost;
  • efficient use of agricultural vehicles, especially the wide-cut ones,
    productivity improvement;
  • simple mounting and ease of use;
  • return on investment within one season;

EZ-Guide® 250 parallel driving system allows more efficient use of vehicles and time that is quite
critical for acceleration without loss of quality.It ensures performance not only during the day but also
at nighttime and under thick fog or dustiness, and provides for:

  • automatic driving stroke performance calculation (length of furrow,
    stint and turning border width);
  • selection of one of the six field movement patterns;
  • making of detailed electronic charts and marking of all obstructions
    in the fields;
  • on-the-flat and in-prospect movement visualization.

Trimble EZ-Guide® 500 System is ideal for narrow-row planting of grain, pulse, silage crops through wide-cut sowing machines and seed drills.

Your benefits:

  • efficient use of agricultural vehicles, especially the wide-cut ones;
  • farm operations productivity improvement and observance
    of sowing agrotechnical terms;
  • blank spot elimination and decrease in overlaps;
  • possibility of using vehicles at nighttime and at poor visibility;
  • saving of seeds, chemicals and fuel and lubricants;
  • simple mounting and ease of use;
  • upgradability.
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