Cargo transportation.

Cargo transportation is vital in any business. However as in all things there are its' own hardships and undercurrents. Shipping company owners come up against and have to fight with unconscionability and shortcomings from their employees like fuel drain, failure to meet delivery deadlines, and late technical maintenance. These activities bring to client attrition, budget overruns in fuel and lubricants, damage of expensive nodes and components; all of which in their turn are reflected on financial well-being of the owner and the business itself. That is why it is quite significant to erect GPS monitoring system on freight vehicles.


  • Motor vehicle and cargo location control;
  • Trucking route observance control;
  • Area of motor vehicle operations control;
  • Control of compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • Improvement of customer support quality;
  • Safety of transportation and goods;
  • Speed rate control;
  • Consumption records and flow monitor of fuel and lubricants (fuel drain complete liquidation);
  • Sensor parameters' checkout (fuel, temperature, door check etc.);
  • Technical maintenance deadline monitoring;
  • Company image improvement.


  • A driver may signal in emergency situations, about mechanical breakdown and motor vehicle accident by means of voice session with a traffic operator
  • In case of emergency a driver may send a signal to a traffic operator by pressing an alarm button
  • If required, a traffic operator may establish communication with a driver himself/herself. There is an additional opportunity of listening-through of motor vehicle saloon for a traffic operator.
  • In case of gross violations and theft a traffic operator can block a vehicle engine with the help of a control console.
  • A customer may individually trace his/her cargo movement on-line on Carrier Company's website. All data is protected through access rights, therefore the customer will only be able to see his/her cargo movement.


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