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  1. Monitoring is performed by means of a cell phone with an installed software product enabling to determine the object’s route, its speed, parking points and stops. The advantage of this solution is the combination of monitoring functions with the complete set of cell phone functions in one device, as well as impossibility to detect that the phone is under monitoring in any way.
  2. Monitoring is performed by means of a personal tracker (the device has shape and dimensions similar to those of a cell phone). This version also enables to determine object’s route, its speed, parking places and stops. The advantage of this solution is the usage of equipment designated to monitoring services and possibility to make calls from this device to several telephones, as well as the possibility to restrain incoming calls.
  3. Equipment capable of transmitting information about movement, stops, parking places, routes, visited streets, and territories and places marked on the map is installed into the vehicle. To install additional digitizers (showing “on/off” positions) or to connect to the existing ones (e.g. the door is closed/open), as well as to lock out or visa versa, start the engine.
  4. Object under monitoring is equipped with the device which together with maintenance of all above-mentioned functions has a number of additional advantages, such as: rechargeable battery in case of vehicle de-energization, possibility to connect indicators of fuel level, temperature, pressure, load, discharge angle, capacity violation, etc., as well as possibility to set a loud speaker communication with the driver and identification keys for drivers.
  5. Objects free from their own electric power supply (railcar/ container) are equipped with the tracker capable of off-line functioning during up to 2 years.
  6. We are happy to offer the companies interested in absolute confidentiality with a personal server for objects monitoring.
  7. Here you can find the list of most frequently asked questions

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