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"Garage GPS" Company is the leading company in rendering satellite monitoring services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

Today GPS/ GLONASS monitoring market is gaining popularity among carrier companies, in FMCG sector, among construction and other companies which gives a brilliant possibility to organize a business in the area and enjoy vast opportunities. We are looking to cooperate with partners at mutually advantageous basis. What we offer our partners is a well-thought-out flexible cooperation and development program based upon our experience and our company opportunities.

We work in the most convenient framework for satellite monitoring - Wialon Pro.
Wialon Pro is meant for integrators and operators that render GPS/ GLONASS monitoring services.
Software is provided for rent from server center of "Garage GPS" Company and may have unlimited number of users.
We use powerful and productive equipment of the following manufacturers: Intel, Dell, HP, Kingston, Seagate and others. Frameworks based on Intel Xeon multicore processors, high-performance memory and SCSI/SAS hard disks that have maximum possible rate of data exchange at the moment are being applied.
All hardware reliability is reached through constant monitoring of its state. We warrant hardware reliability and high speed, therefore you may rely on us in storing your data - they will secured against damage, and your projects will be available at high speed at any time of the day.

The system may use OSM, Google, Yandex, Bing, Navteq and other maps (personal maps may also be placed); you can apply any number of POI and geozones on the map. Wialon Pro includes chart and report builders which are based on editable patterns: notices (alarms) that could be sent via SMS or e-mail; and tasks that the system performs automatically or as scheduled.
For more flexibility at monitoring the following is ensured: fuel flow control, keeping a "service book" of vehicles that will make notices on pending technical maintenance or other works; create paths and routes in the system and track vehicles via the paths; keep record of each driver in case of use of a vehicle by several drivers.

In Wialon Pro control panel you may administer settings of your customer accounts and adjust billing and set a flexible rate for usage of the monitoring system by your customers. History is stored on the server within a year.

For our partners we have developed a specific score-based partner program. As you become our partner we will send you all information on accumulation of scores and on efficient work with the tool.

You will get extra benefits and be able to earn doscounts from "Garage Monitoring" Company for use of our framework, get monetary repayment, visit partner conferences and even be assigned a personal technical assistance manager. The more scores you accumulate, the more opportunities you will receive.

Our standing customers may also participate in the partner program by filling out a form on our website.

Please, fill out the questionnaire to become our partner and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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