Liquid level sensors OMNICOMM.

Liquid level sensors OMNICOMM.

Liquid level sensors Omnicomm LLS are high-frequency liquid level sensors intended for measuring liquid level in a vessel or a fuel tank of a vehicle. Sensors Omnicomm LLS are connected to the register of monitoring system and send it measured level data.

All the liquid sensors Omnicomm LLS are famous for their high accuracy and stability of data, wide operating temperature range from -60 up to +85 degrees, as well as high maximum power supply voltage and reliable protection of electric circuit from interferences and connection errors. Relative observational error of level measurement throughout the whole temperature range does not exceed 1%. There is a lifetime guarantee on all the liquid level sensors of Omnicomm LLS.

Liquid level sensor LLS is a high-frequency liquid level sensor intended for measuring liquid level in a vessel or a fuel tank of a vehicle. Sensors have extended rating of feed voltage and extended range of operating temperatures. Readings of LLS do not depend on voltage of onboard network of a vehicle. During manufacturing there were technologies applied, which ensure high reliability and tamper-proof of equipment.

All the liquid level sensors Omnicomm LLS are tank type level indicators. Compared with regular resistive fuel sensors, tank type sensors are completely different with electronic way of operation and there is no moving part that guarantees high accuracy, stability and reliability in operation. A opposed to flow-type level sensors tank type level sensors are not tie-in fuel line and they don't impact engine's operation, and they can detect time and volume of filling and draining, which is impossible by fuel flowmeters.

For accurate identification of liquid level there is fluctuations filtering algorithm Fuelmetrix used, developed by Omnicomm Company, which guarantees receiving of accurate data even in extreme conditions of operation.

55200 kzt
LLS 20160- liquid level sensor with digital interface
45800 kzt
LLS-AF 20310- sensor with analog and frequency interfaces
141250 kzt
LLS 20230- explosion-proof design sensor with digital interface

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